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Fitness, Training & Drills for Squash Players

SquashFit is tailor-made to help you quickly improve your game and

GET STARTED NOW OR Find out more

How Will SquashFit Help You

It's time to radically improve your game while getting in the best
shape of your life.
With SquashFit you can easily customise every drill to focus on any
skill area you want.

Improve Your Squash

Train Smarter To Play Better

Improve Your Cardio & Strength

Reenergise Your Entire Game

"The SquashFit Kit is a great tool for anyone keen to improve their Squash
game. The drills are very squash focused and are similar to those used by
Squash Professionals (such as myself) around the World"

Cameron Pilley
Professional Squash Player - World Ranking #13

"SquashFit is simply the best online Squash training program I have seen.
These are the same drills I do on a weekly basis as part of my training
routine. Recommend to any one interested in improving their squash!"

Martin Knight
Professional Squash Player - World Ranking #43

Improve your squash today with SquashFit



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Get fitness tips and advice from the pros.
____________________ Email me tips!



2016 Squashfit Inc. All rights reserved.

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